From waterfall adventures to ziplining through jungle canopies, explore the wonders of Costa Rica with our trusted Envision Guides. Wild times are in your future.


Cascada Verde Tour

February 21 - 28 2022

Enjoy the beauty of Costa Rica at a local favorite waterfall.

$42.12 Per Person

Envision Plants and Botanical Gardens Tour

February 21 - 28 2022

Immerse yourself in expert knowledge on exotic plants and be awed by the biodiversity present in Envision Festival's own backyard.

$60.17 Per Person

Pura Comida Jungle Dinners

February 21 - 28 2022

Treat yourself to a gourmet meal under the stars with our exclusive seated dinners.

$24.10 Per Person

Wellness & Skin Spa

February 21 - 28 2022

Indulge in the healing powers of artisan bodywork & personalized spa treatments

$33.70 Per Person

Envision Green Building Tour

February 21 - 28 2022

Tour the Envision Festival property with our Green Build Crew and learn about a variety of renewable & sustainable build practices

$90.26 Per Person

Envision Site Tour

February 21 - 28 2022

A guided tour of the Envision Festival property.

$30.09 Per Person

Surf Lessons

February 21 - 28 2022

Learn surfing and safety fundamentals as you venture into the warm Pacific waves.

$36.10 Per Person