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Tues 1st June: Zoom

The Art of Inner Bliss: Kundalini Yoga Experience with Jai Dev


If you imagine the body and mind as an instrument, Kundalini Yoga is an exquisite tuning technique that uses energetic exercises, powerful breathing techniques, and brilliant meditation practices; a full mind-body-energy reset. 

A 90-minute experience with Jai Dev is a workout and meditation experience that leaves no stone unturned. All of it set to extraordinary music and teachings that transports the practitioner to their own sense of genuine purpose.

After the session your body will feel both light and grounded, the mind clear and calm, and a sense of self-confidence is likely to emerge. You will cultivate inner-bliss, and thus vitality, effortlessly by resetting your system and enabling your life-force to flow more freely. Lightening that which is heavy, calming that which is frantic and relaxing that which is tense.


Jai Dev is a yogi, mystic, and internationally renowned teacher that has authored numerous courses on yogic philosophy, meditation practice, Kundalini Yoga and Ayurveda. Jai Dev has a background in Ayurvedic Medicine and his down-to-earth sensibility, humor and street-smarts; combined with a creative and inspired delivery of yogic practices and teachings has influenced many thousands of practitioners and teachers around the globe.


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Tues 22nd June: Zoom

The Musical Adventures of David Satori: from California to West Africa


Join us to hear the tales of David Satori’s wild and wonderful musical adventures; from US tours in tired airport shuttle buses fuelled by vegetable oil, to nights on the West coast of Africa playing in Shrine the musical home of Femi Kuti. 


David was inspired by the rich local music scene and started playing guitar and drums at the age of 13. David produced his first original album with his band Bubble Tribe in 1997 as a senior in high school and went on to study music in LA. 

David feels strongly that music is healing, hoping to inspire those who wish to become more musical to do so and that by doing so they will spread healing vibrations. David encourages each of us to travel courageously and curiously into our passions and to spread the love of music wherever and whenever we can. 


Join us on Zoom on Tuesday 22nd June 7.00PM EST.

Tues 6th July: Zoom

Fire Staff Spinning Workshop with Pyrodanza


Dr. Luis Wachong, co-founder of Pyrodanza, will show you how to handcraft your own traditional Thai fire staff as well as some beginner staff spinning techniques from Thailand. Special attention will be given to handgrip and triple-beat weaves.


Pyrodanza is a world-class fire dancing troupe based in Tamarindo, Costa Rica.  As a local troupe, Pyrodanza has been featured as headline performers at Envision for 9 years.  Their style is characterized by the fearlessly close communion of large flames with magical and unique manipulation techniques and skills. 


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