Outstanding Green Event Award Winner

7 Pillars of Envision

We are poised to be world leaders in promoting and creating a new paradigm for living. So come with us. The world is ready. The time is now.

Pillar 1


There is no finish line on the road to sustainability and a thriving ecosystem. It is our responsibility to weigh each step we take with the impact it has on this planet. With each step we carry less weight, and move more gracefully in harmony with nature and ourselves. We’re here as an example to create a sustainable solution where guests leave with the tools to integrate into their own lives and communities. 

Pillar 2


Your body is your sacred temple. There is much to learn about sustaining this temple and we’re here to share. From ancient medicines to new discoveries, join the conversation about how best to apply this powerful knowledge to treat ourselves, while keeping sustainability of the planet in mind.

Pillar 3


We are alive and it feels damn good to move! Through our eclectic Yoga & Movement programming, we invite you to awaken your body, strengthen your soul, enlighten your mind, and open your heart to express your true self in all of your beautiful glory.  

Pillar 4


Living is an art form. At Envision we curate a 360 degree immersive art environment that blends the edges of the canvas with the world around it. Through art, we inspire and promote radical self-expression in harmony with nature. These forms of articulation are countless and our home is a blank canvas for guests to create their own version of the Envision Experience. 

Pillar 5


We invite thought-leaders and change-makers in every field of our pillars to learn new ideas, share a wealth of knowledge, and inspire each and every one of our guests to create the world we ENVISION.

Pillar 6


We venture from the ordinary in search of cutting edge music that blends genres and creates a positive and communicative interactive dance floor experience. We storytell throughout our diversely inclusive programming, and inspire exploration beyond your wildest expectations.

Pillar 7


Within Envision there is no “right and wrong” in spirituality. We can only learn what truths others have self-realized as long as they’re in harmony with nature and well being. Envision is a safe space to share knowledge and ideas, and to enlighten without excluding those traveling a different path.