Onsite Camping | Tent Rental | VIP Casa de Luz

Lighten your travel load and save on baggage fees. Rent a tent from us in our Substance-Free Casa de Luz VIP ** VIP Admission Required **



Onsite Camping | Tent Rental | VIP Casa de Luz

Skip the hassle of bringing your own tent and simply rent one from us in our SUBSTANCE-FREE Casa de Luz VIP

We offer 2-person tents with a full size foam mattress pad and accompanying pillows to comfortably sleep 2 people + bags.

Temperatures are comfortable at night and you will not need a sleeping bag nor a blanket. Guests are encouraged to bring their own sheets or tapestry, pillowcases, battery/solar powered fan, and a tarp as these are not provided with the package. Our tent rentals book quickly and are limited in quantity!


Meet Your Family

Spend your week living with a vibrant community of like-minded souls and create bonds that can last a lifetime.

Jungle Setting

Sleep beneath the magical canopy. Imagine looking up to this view almost everywhere you go...At Envision Festival you’re surrounded by nature’s lush beauty in every direction. Welcome home.

Close to Amenities

Access to private showers & restrooms in VIP. Close proximity to VIP Lounges, Yoga Temples, Juice Bar, & Village Witches Wellness Spa.



1 Double Size Foam Mattress Pad

Sleeps up to 2 people

Accompanying pillows included

Setup required

Return to receive deposit at end of festival

Must provide own lock if desired (recommended)

Guests are encouraged to bring their own sheets or tapestry, pillowcass, and a tarp as these are not provided with the package.

INCLUDES Camping Impact Fee

**Does not include VIP Admission Pass, must be purchased separately

Choose your accommodation

Casa de Luz | Tent Rental | Up to 2-Person Occupancy

Roll up on your own time with everything you need waiting for you. With prime real estate close to showers, vendors, and guest service concierge, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that comfort & convenience await. Simply reserve a tent rental and collect upon arrival.



What people say

I couldn't believe how seamless a process it was to arrive, grab my tent, find the perfect shaded space to call home, and dive right into the experience. Part of the fun was not knowing where I'd sleep but I met amazing friends and neighbors. I'd totally do this again!

Tenley, Virgina

Frequently asked questions

If Envision 2022 is postponed, then the tickets and accommodations you purchased for Envision 2022 will automatically transfer to the new festival date. There is nothing that you have to do for this to happen. Alternatively, you will have the option to sell your ticket through the new Envision Festival resales platform that will launch as we get closer to the festival dates.

If Envision 2022 is cancelled, then your Envision 2022 tickets and accommodation will be valid for any of the following three years: 2023, 2024, or 2025. Again, you will have the option to resell your ticket through the official Envision Ticket Resale program.

Once you’ve arrived at Envision Festival and made it through the Box Office, you will be able to pick up your tent rental. Our Tent Rental HQ is located next to Gear Check and across from Medical. If you need help finding it when you arrive, feel free to ask any Envision staff member.  

Realistically, only two people can fit comfortably in our tent accommodations, especially to save space for bags and such. We do not recommend more than two people per accommodation. This means you and a friend can share one Tent Rental!

If you have a GA ticket you can place your tent anywhere in the GA Camping Area. 

If you have a VIP Casa de Luz or VIP La Sombra admission then you can place your tent in your corresponding VIP area. If you have any questions on where to place your tent onsite, we will have concierge teams available to assist.

We highly recommend purchasing Tent Rentals prior to arriving at the event. We tend to sell-out and cannot guarantee inventory will be available onsite.

We provide weather resistant tents that sleep 2 people comfortably with some extra space for bags and such. Each tent comes with a rainfly that also works to reflect sunlight and is 7’x7’. 

Guests are encouraged to bring their own sheets or tapestry, pillowcases, and a tarp (to place on the ground under the tent) as these are not provided with the package. The weather is warm at night so you will not need a sleeping bag nor a blanket.


Excludes taxes + fees

Excludes a 6.5% booking fee and 13% Costa Rican sales tax