Ticket Exchange FAQs

Envision Festival 2023

It has been three long years since we last danced together under the jungle canopy, and we are beyond excited for the magic that awaits us this time. After months of planning and preparation, the time has come for us to come together and create unforgettable memories.
Our festival is a special and unique experience that requires a massive effort from everyone involved, including our guests. We understand that the journey to the jungle can be challenging and that, due to various circumstances, some of our guests may not be able to attend this year's festival.
That is why we partnered with a third-party exchange platform with the intention of making it easier for those who needed to exchange their tickets safely.
What is Lyte?
Lyte is a third-party ticket exchange platform that connects buyers with sellers of sold-out event tickets.
Why did Envision choose to offer Lyte as a solution to its attendees?
We understand that the journey to the jungle can be challenging and that, due to various circumstances, some of our guests may not be able to attend this year's festival. As such, we implemented Lyte in order to provide our attendees with options to safely sell and buy tickets after sell out.
How does Lyte work for ticket sellers?
Ticket sellers request to sell their tickets on Lyte, at which point Lyte’s algorithm takes into account multiple factors when determining to accept their specific ticket type. After a ticket is accepted, it is then matched with a buyer on a first come first served basis.If the ticket is not initially accepted, sellers are able to select an option to be notified when there is demand for their specific ticket type. 
Why wasn’t my ticket accepted by the exchange?
Though several hundred Envision attendees have been able to sell tickets through the exchange, many tickets were not accepted for re-sale.As an exchange, Lyte works by connecting existing supply with existing demand and it’s algorithm takes many factors into account when determining whether to accept a ticket return. There are several reasons why your ticket would not have been accepted by the exchange, but most commonly it would have been because there was already too much existing supply of that ticket type and/or there was not a buyer ready to be matched to purchase your specific ticket type. 
Why did the Exchange close?
After careful consideration and review of the difficulties and challenges faced by some of our guests, we made the decision to close the exchange platform when we entered into the month of the event. While our initial goal was to provide a safe and secure platform for those needing to exchange their tickets, it became clear that it was not delivering the experience we had hoped for. Despite being successful for hundreds of our guests, it also appeared that hundreds would not have been matched with buyers before the event. 
As such, we wanted to give sellers ample time to make arrangements to sell their ticket privately or still attend the event, as opposed to waiting until the week or days of the event and having no options if their tickets still hadn't sold on the exchange.
Can I still sell my ticket privately? 
Yes, you are still welcome to sell your tickets privately to another potential buyer!
I’ve found a buyer for my ticket. How do I transfer it to them?
In order to transfer an order to someone else they will also need to have an Easol account created. They can create one at https://myeasol.com/sign-up. Once that is completed, please email info@envisionfestival.com with your 7-digit Booking Reference Id (“xxx-xxxx”) for the order you wish to transfer, and the name and email of who you would like to transfer it to. We will then work with our ticketing partner to finalize the transfer.
Is there a deadline for private ticket sales?
If you find a buyer and want to sell your ticket to them, then our team is happy to support with the transfer up until 7 days before the event, with the cut-off date being any requests made on or after February 19th, 2023. QR code tickets will be emailed at this point and any transfers completed from that point onwards will need to be conducted directly and with caution.
If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to info@envisionfestival.com