Our Location

Rancho La Merced
Uvita, Costa Rica

Envision is a magical place where the rain forested mountains meet the warm pacific ocean. The zone exemplifies exotic paradise – boasting a wealth of adventure and exploration amidst verdant jungle and warm ocean waters. As one of the most biodiverse places on Earth, it literally buzzes with life. The people here are gracious and friendly, making it easy to get around, find what you need, and experience the local culture. Pura Vida!

Our Venue | Our Home

Rancho la Merced

It is our honor and privilege to welcome you back to the seventh year at our home, Rancho La Merced, outside Uvita in Costa Rica, and soon to be our 11th year of Envision Festival. Perfectly perched at the junction where the rainforest meets pristine tropical beach, Rancho la Merced is everything that we could ask for and the true jewel of our invitation to Costa Rica. Our 10-Year Anniversary raised the bar, and we will continue leading the way of regenerative festival production while strengthening the movement that is Envision. Want to build our home with us? Support our 10k Tree Challenge where we'll continue regenerating our land through planting 10,000 trees in 2020. 

Why Costa Rica?

World's Happiest Country

The Peaceful Soul of Central America

If travel experts could draw up an ideal destination, Costa Rica would probably be it. The 'Rich Coast' has earned its name and stands apart from its Central American neighbors on the cutting edge of so many trends: surfing, farm-to-table restaurants, eco-villages, permaculture, and sustainable tourism.

While being internationally recognized for being home to more than 5% of the world’s biodiversity and half a million species, doubling its forest coverage in the past 30 years through an abundance of national parks, and making fierce commitments in wind and hydro to become the world’s first plastic and carbon free country in the next few years, Costa Rica has been labeled one of the most peaceful countries in the world. While nowhere is perfect, Costa Rica will surely leave you feeling at peace and in harmony with nature. 

Pura Vida

The Pure Life

Envision is an invitation. To disconnect from the modern world. To reconnect with nature. To look beyond the ordinary, and see expression. To dance from sunrise, to sunset. To dig deeper and connect to the higher. To ‘do’ less, and be more. Forgo beats, and feel vibrations. Abandon our egos, and find our essence. Set down lessons, and become our own teachers. Create goals, and rise together. Bathe in the Tropical fairytale, and bring magic to reality. To embrace a dream...and awaken to the future we Envision.