5 Reasons

Why You Shouldn´t Miss
Envision 2023

Welcome to the best week of your life.

Journey into the heart of the jungle, where a 7-day transformational experience of music, art, and human connection unfolds each year attracting adventure seekers from all over the world.

Filled with music, education, art, and a vibrant community, Envision is more than just a festival.

1 The Setting
1  The Setting

This one comes easy. How many other world class destination festivals are produced next to the beach?
Imagine dancing barefoot under the stars, surrounded by lush rainforest and pristine beaches... That's Envision Festival!

Embrace the magic of Costa Rica, one of the most biodiverse places on Earth. Surrender to the rhythm of the waves and the sounds of the jungle as you connect with yourself, with others, and with nature.

2 The Community
2 The Community

At Envision we are all part of a community, one that is full of belonging, expression, exploration, tradition and freedom!

Our hearts naturally crave connection. Envision Festival is curated to be a safe and sacred space for connection, healing and transformation. Create deep connections with like minded people.

3 Party & Adventure
3 - Party and Adventure

One of the main reasons people come to Envision and keep coming back!

All the adventures to get here are worth it when youʼre dancing under the jungle canopy to world class music, visually stunning productions, and a community of wild party goers and thrill seekers. When youʼre not on the dance floor, you can hit the beach, ride ATVs, go horse back riding, take part in waterfall excursions, play, learn, and leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to spread the ripple of Envision out to your community!

4 Wellness & Education
4 - Wellness & Education

We create a safe space of mutual respect, to share knowledge and ideas, to support and grow, and to enlighten without exclusion of those traveling a different path.

During 7 days you will enjoy intimate immersions and workshops led by world class instructors and educators on Yoga, Movement, Permaculture, Sustainability, Environmental Protection, and a variety of other programming that promotes personal, physical, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing.

5 The World Class Talent
5 - The World Class Talent

The diversity of talent at Envision Festival is hand-selected with the greatest intent to meet our mission to spark a more inspired way of living, one that’s closer to nature and our greatest selves. We work passionately throughout the year to ensure every detail of our event is felt with heart, with intention, and with purpose.

3 Years in the making

One thing you can be sure of is we are returning with even more purpose and intention than ever before!

When intimacy meets the attention to detail of makers and creators doing what they love, you have magic! And we have time on our side with this extra years of preparation, so you can expect Envision 2024 to be stand-out special

a gift to yourself

Whatever 2025 has in store for you, let’s make sure it has jungle beach sunsets, dancefloor euphoria and connection with the Envision community!⁠

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