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Frequently Asked Questions

General Festival FAQ
Getting There
Camping FAQ
Work Exchange FAQ
What’s included in my BYOT ticket?
Can we run a generator?
Can my friends with BYOT camp with me in Ready Set Camp?
Can I bring speakers to play music?
Is this festival a camp out/bring your own tent function?
Can I bring my pet?
Are campfires or open flame grills allowed?
Can we bring bicycles?
Okay now I’m in Costa Rica, how do I get to Envision?
Anything else I should keep in mind?
Do I need to get local currency (colones) at the airport?
Is there a local shuttle service from hotels/hostels to envision?
How does parking at the venue work?
Is there a shuttle from the SJO Airport to Envision this year?
Do I need any vaccinations?
I’m not sure what to expect when I get to Costa Rica, any tips?
How do I volunteer for Envision 2024?
Does Envision provide drinking water and showers?
Is there a bag check?
Will outside alcohol be permitted at the event?
Is camping included in my admission ticket?
What if I want to arrive Sunday before the event?
What are the festival hours?
Are all body workers and healers licensed or certified that attend and offer services at Envision?
Is Envision family friendly? Are children allowed?
Is there ice for sale at Envision?
Is there food available at Envision?
If I drive a car to the event, do I need to pay for parking?
Will I receive a physical ticket?
Can a ticket be transferred more than once?
I’m buying multiple tickets. Can I transfer some of them to friends?
Should I receive a confirmation email for my purchase?
What happens if I miss a payment on my payment plan?
I purchased a ticket but haven’t received it in my inbox yet. Why is that?
What happens once a transfer is complete?
How can I avoid ticket fraud?
Can I stay in VIP camping or buy a different VIP accommodation if I have a GA ticket?
When can I arrive to Envision?
How do payment plans work?
When is the best time to buy admission or accommodations for Envision?
I only have the option to buy a 7 day ticket. Will 4 day tickets be put on-sale later in the year?
Can I upgrade my pass to VIP?
More information regarding our Work Exchange program and other applications will be made available soon!
What are the festival dates?