Link Your

How Does It Work?

Pre-register your preferred payment method ahead of time online here!
  • Eliminate the need to carry cash or credit cards on site, reducing the risk of loss

  • It allows for faster transactions and shorter lines atfood vendors, bars, merch and select retail locations.

Once your payment method is connected, you’ll be able to stow away your wallet and pay for food, beverages and activities with the tap of your wrist!
Upon arrival on site you will receive an RFID wristband from the Box Office. From there, locate the RFID Activation area near the entrance to activate your payment method on your wristband through the QR code you’ve received ahead of time.
You can also register your preferred payment method on-site at any RFID Activation area through secure servers.
RFID payment is safe and secure.
Use a 4-digit pin that keeps your info tied to you so no one can use it if you lose your wristband.
I’ve linked my credit card with my RFID wristband, but I forgot to opt-in for email receipts and/or I typed the wrong email address!
What exactly is RFID?
What if I lose my RFID wristband?
I don’t feel comfortable “storing” my credit card with Billfold!
What if I want to pay with cash?

Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy rights. Your consumer information helps us understand how to best tailor our festivals, ensuring our guests have the best experience. Importantly, as per PCI-compliance regulations, neither Envision or Billfold POS know your credit card information as it is securely stored on PayPal / Braintree server.
*Wristbands are non-transferable and non-refundable. Damaged, tampered, stolen, and lost wristbands may not be replaced and may be voided. Treat your wristbands with love! You must wear wristbands at all times during attendance of the festival.