Dish Program

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We are so excited to be continuing our eco-friendly dishware program where we make sustainability a priority by replacing single use or disposable containers with reusable dishes festival-wide. We will supply/clean/collect & re-distribute special dishware to our vendors to be able to serve customers. Only Envision’s reusable dish items & other natural materials may be used for serving. Examples of natural serving materials are banana leaves, cones, boats, and cleaned coconut bowl.
We have put in place a fantastic dish rental system that is sustainable and regenerative. Patrons rent dishes from Envision for the weekend for a small green fee giving them the luxury of not having to be responsible for washing or carrying around their dishware; we do the hard work for them!

How It Works For Guest?

To participate in the dish rental program, one will simply approach any vendor and pay the one-time green fee of $5 per item on top of their food and/or beverage purchase.
Each green fee covers a single plate (includes utensils) or a cup from the vendor.
When they have finished using their dishware, the patron must return the used dishes to the Dishcoteca (located in the Village). Simply scrape the food from the dish into a compost bin, place the dish in a dirty bin, and we do the rest!
When a plate and/or cup is returned, the patron will receive a voucher to present to the next vendor for another dish. Again, the fee should only have to be paid once for the entire event - as long as they don't lose your voucher and they return their dishware every time!

Pro Tip

Our bars and beverage vendors would be delighted to serve your drink into your own reusable vessel. Please present your CLEAN cup at time of purchase, and they will pour directly into your favorite cup or bottle!
Please note, for Health & Safety regulations the staff cannot handle or wash cups for you, and vendors cannot serve food onto personal plates or dishware
Dishes should never be returned to vendors for washing. Dishes should always be brought to the Dishcoteca where they will be washed to sanitation standards


The $5 paid per item to use this service is a green fee, NOT A DEPOSIT. It is important to know that refunds will not be given for returned dishes or vouchers. This small fee is to fund our amazing sustainable dish program and to keep Envision as green as can be!