Camp Overview

Root down in the garden of Earth Keepers Theme Camp, a haven nestled within an inviting and centrally located camp at Envision Festival. Begin your day immersed in the sensory delight of daily refreshments, featuring an array of teas, cacao, elixirs, and herbal treats. Embrace the tranquility of a secluded plant sanctuary on the festival grounds, creating an intimate space amidst the vibrant energy. Find your fellow earth-stewards and take part in earth-centered workshops, herbal medicinals, the succulent taste of tropical fruits, and the reclamation of deep-rooted wisdom together.

Help us weave the tapestry of connection and regeneration amidst the lush embrace of the Costa Rica jungle. At Earth Keepers Theme Camp, the journey transcends the ordinary, offering a curated blend of comfortability, connection, and earth-conscious experiences.

Type of Accommodation

Ready Set Camp
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Starlight Features

Green Sanctuary
Immerse yourself in a comfortable & private space. Be nourished all the way to your roots inside our green haven.
Jungle Education Experience
Discover teaching rooted in nature’s guiding principles with renowned teachers, facilitators, and earth-keepers.
Global Eco-Network
Connect with like-minded individuals, passionate entrepreneurs, land owners, & global experts for unparalleled networking opportunities.

Dear Future Earth Keepers,

If you are devoted to living in harmony with the rhythm of Earth and you're passionate about regenerative living, eco-education, and community-building, this is the perfect green haven for you. Embark on a transformative journey with us at Ecoversity’s Earth Keepers Theme Camp, nestled amidst the lush embrace of the Costa Rican jungle of Envision Festival.

This is your opportunity to learn in nature's classroom as you gain exclusive jungle education with top teachers and wisdom keepers. Get connected to other earth-lovers & nourish your passion for positive change by joining our global community. Gain exclusive access to private amenities, herbal elixirs, specialized workshops, plant walks, fruit tasting, and more.

For the love of planet Earth,The Ecoversity Family.
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GA Ticket Included

What to Expect

Welcome to Ecoversity’s Earth Keeper’s Theme Camp. An experience designed to awaken your connection to Earth, establish your roots, create lasting community, and nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

Ecoversity’s Earth Keeper’s Theme Camp will feature a diverse curriculum to boost your practical regenerative skills. Get ready to expand your herbal wisdom and your connection with the plant world. Nurture your inner ecology, build community, and grow your mycelial network inside this exclusive theme camp experience.

Become an Ecoversity Earth Keeper in this lush and luxurious green learning haven, and make this Envision experience one for the books!

Who is it For

Anyone and everyone!..

This camp is for Earth stewards, herbalists, permaculturists, and students of Mother Earth. Whether you're a digital nomad, a corporate innovator, a non-profit eco-warrior, or a nature-lover, this inclusive community embraces diverse backgrounds and encourages you to root down into your passions in order to make a difference in the world.


What’s Included?

  • Daily Herbal Elixirs & Exotic Fruit Tasting
  • Earth-Centered Ceremonies & Workshops
  • Jungle Plant Walks throughout the Envision Site
  • Networking & Storytelling Circles
  • Private Concierge & Fenced-in Amenities

Programming Sneak Peak

Join our Momentom Collective Passionately Untalented Cabaret at Circo Stage

Join us for Artist Roving and Community Circle Festival drop ins

Programming Sneak Peak

Holistic Workshops

Jungle Plant Walk Expeditions

Storytelling Circles

Authentic Relating Practices

Healing Garden Vibes

Community Skill Shares

Exotic Fruit Lessons & Tasting

Sacred Gatherings

Nervous System Regulation Sessions

Sound Healing Experiences

& Much More!


John Early - Momentom Collective Cofounder, award winning author, and singer songwriter Gabrielle
Bonnevielle - Momentom Collective Cofounder, Project Ka Cofounder and aerial artist
Therese Lowton - Momentom Collective Cofounder, Cofounder of Sesen Temple  for Egyptian Alchemy
Alex Payaso - Heyoka Clown from Colombia, performing artist
Marlene Mariposa - Aerial Artist and dance choreographer
At Ecoversity, education is the seed of change & learning is at the core of our global community. We specialize in eco-centered learning experiences that promote a regenerative future. With a passionate team of world-renowned teachers, creators, wisdom keepers, & inspiring leaders, Ecoversity is an impact-driven organization advocating for the reconnection between humanity and our precious planet Earth. Learn anywhere, learn everywhere. 🌍

Madeline Crandall

Ecoversity's Founding Steward & Marketing Director, hails from Lake Tahoe, California, and is a passionate advocate for heart-centered community experiences. With a background in event planning and marketing, Madeline's commitment extends to environmental consciousness, as seen through her zero-waste lifestyle and plastic-free choices. Beyond her work, she focuses on non-violent communication, embodied leadership, and climate activism through community retreats and organizations she runs. Madeline believes in the transformative power of music scenes and dedicates her life to merging it with impactful environmental education programming.

Chloe Hurtado

Serves as Ecoversity's Product Coordinator & Affiliate Liaison, bringing a wealth of herbalism knowledge and a passion for regenerative design. As the founder of Fuma Folia Botanicals in Denver, CO, Chloe's journey into herbalism began at the Punta Mona Center for Regenerative Design & Botanical Studies under the guidance of Sarah Wu. Having delved into herbal medicine as the head product developer at Balanced Root Apothecary, Chloe is thrilled to contribute to the Herbalism Certification Program. Her deep reverence for the healing powers of plants aligns seamlessly with the diverse group of teachers and contributors at Ecoversity.


Entrepreneur with a profound connection to the natural world, wears many hats at Ecoversity. As the founder of the Science Meets Spirit Podcast, a burgeoning herbalist, and a dedicated yoga instructor, she intertwines the wisdom of the natural world with movement medicine. In her role as the copywriter, Allison brings her integrated perspective of mind, body, and spirit to Ecoversity. Her multifaceted approach extends to offering leadership experiences through retreats and 1-on-1 mentorship sessions, embodying a holistic commitment to well-being and connection with the environment.

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