Camp Overview

Your Oasis within the festival where your nervous system can rest and reset. A Peaceful Sanctuary of Rejuvenation Hub. Your safe haven to take a comfy nap in the shade solo, or cuddled with lover or friends. A space to decompress, relax and integratebetween all the excitement of Envision Festival. The lounge space for the camp includes seating and padded flooring to nourish your body.

This is the place to find Exclusive meditation, breath, yoga and sound baths and healing modalities workshops.The Oasis is designed to be a center for you to recharge at any time of the day. This space is a peaceful refuge to rejuvenate yourself. There, our angel team will be setting a liminal space; offering relaxing and uplifting experiences.

Type of Accommodation

Ready Set Camp
bamboo suites
ac container suites
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Starlight Features

Day Beds to have a glorious nap at anytime of the day.
Ice Baths: cold therapy is a great way to reset your nervous system in the hot jungles of Costa Rica.
Energetic Refresh, Sound Healing, Yin Yoga, Relaxing Massage Workshop Experiences to regulate your nervous system, Integration Talks & more.

Your Adventure Begins

Join the Oasis for a peaceful, rejuvenating place to be. Your refuge in the chaos will feel like water in the desert.
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GA Ticket Included

What to Expect

The atmosphere is soft, loving and curated to nourish and replenish your soul . Reconnect with yourself, ground, return to your breath in a divine feminine environment.

Programming will incllude : Breathwork, Yin Yoga, Lunar AcroYoga, Somatic Release, Therapeutic Modalities, Sound Baths, Songstress Serenades and more.

Who is it For

For The Sensitive Ones who likes to take care of themselves, who desire to be a part of a safe haven, where the environment supports the integration of your experiences.

For The Ones who need a cozy shaded  afternoon nap break, the crystal lovers who enjoys smell of sacred smoke. And for The biohackers who are stoked about a daily ice bath.


What’s Included?

  • Private Shaded Camping Area
  • Shaded Lounge with Padded Floors
  • Private amenities (ecozoic toilets, sinks, shower access)
  • Access to the VIP Solo Bueno Lounge and Bar
  • Quiet Hours
  • Diverse Workshops to enrich your Body and Soul

Programming Sneak Peak

Sound Baths

Angelic Serenades

Therapeutic Modalities Workshop

Breathwork Journeys

Biohacking Talks

Psychedelic Integration Circles

Mystical Energy Healing

Ice Cold Baths

& Much More!


Summer Daze -
Hannah Blake -
with Somaya Method

Programming Sneak Peak


Excursions & Adventure

Shuttles & Parking Passes

Wellness & Spa

& Much More!

Jasmine Rose

Jasmine Rose is a liberation artist using kundalini yogic technologies and transformational experiences to raise the vibration of our collective consciousness. She acts as a dream weaver, community connector and spectacular event designer devoting her energy in service to supporting Light Leaders & Architects of a New Earth to Activate their Highest Frequency.

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